Inspired by art and a love for all things beautiful, Cinzia Moniaci’s line ofHandbags meets that perfect balance of quality craftsmanship and effortless functionality. 

With elements of her Italian heritage influencing each design, Moni Moni Bags are intentional in their inception and take on many forms through the patented approach to making them perfectly imperfect.  Crafted with only the best natural pigments, each bag is hand washed, dried and dyed in a factory in Florence, Italy to ensure the leather stays soft and supple. 

From journalist to songwriter and performer, Moni Moni designer Cinzia Moniaci has a rich creative background that ultimately culminated in the creation of Moni Moni handbags in 2005. Born and raised in Italy, Cinzia moved to Southern California in 1997 and draws inspiration from these two fashion meccas to create a collection of bags that embodies effortless style. Exclusively made in Italy, Moni Moni bags go through an avant-garde process of washing, dying and drying to give the leathers a supple, vintage-inspired and unstructured look. Learn more about Cinzia's personal style, design essentials and the fascinating process that gives each Moni Moni bag the "Tinto In Capo" look that has made them a favorite among celebrities like Halle Berry, Kristen Bell, Ashlee Simpson and Emmy Rossum.